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About Us

Prime Fish Australia

Prime Fish Australia is part of a commercial fishing long lining company. We own and operate three tuna long lining vessels based in South East Queensland. We manage the whole process of catching, cleaning, filleting and selling in order to give our customers the freshest fish they have ever had.

We operate from our export approved premises (audited by the Department of Agriculture) and are Safe Food Queensland Accredited. Our market is at 20 Taree St Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, and operates from 7am – 12pm every Saturday.


We own and operate 3 longline tuna vessels based in Southport and have our export and distribution facility in Burleigh Heads.

Wild Caught

We only sell what we catch so we know exactly how and where the fish was caught and how it has been looked after.


As fresh as you can get without catching it yourself. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product.


Our Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Swordfish and Albacore are MSC certified which means they come from a sustainable source.

Our Catch

Other names: AHI (Hawaiian)

Our yellow fin tuna is caught along the east coast of Australia.

The size of our yellow fin varies between 20kg up to 70kg.

Fresh premium Sashimi grade yellow fin tuna has a firm texture with a medium-mild flavour and is often eaten raw (sashimi) or seared and served with soy sauce and wasabi. Fresh sashimi grade yellow fin tuna should have a bright deep red flesh that is firm, lustrous and moist with a pleasant fresh sea smell. Yellow fin tuna is a good source of protein and heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Other names – Broadbill, A’u ku (Hawaiian)

Our Swordfish is caught along the east coast of Australia.

Its size can vary between 40kg and 120kg. The swordfish gets its name from its long bill resembling a sword. Swordfish flesh is firm and is an excellent fish to grill on the BBQ. It is often described as the most “meat like” of all the fishes.

Other names – Dorado (Mexico)

Our Mahi Mahi is mostly caught in the waters off south east Queensland.

Its size can vary between 10kg and 20kg . Mahi Mahi is a lean fairly firm meat with a sweet and mild to moderate flavour. Mahi Mahi is great for grilling and will remain moist if not overcooked.

Other names – Rays Bream

Black Snapper is only caught for a few months of the year usually between July and September. It has a firm texture with a mild flavour that is best baked, poached or shallow fried. A delicious fish that few know about.

Other names – Tombo Ahi (Hawaiian) Tombo (Japanese)

Our albacore is caught along the east coast of Australia. Its size varies from 10kg to 25kg.

Albacore has a white coloured flesh (sometimes with a hint of pink) and is commonly referred to as the “chicken of the sea”. Albacore can be eaten raw (sashimi) seared, grilled and fried.

Albacore tuna is an extra lean protein with a mild flavour that is low in saturated fat and high in omega 3 fatty acids.

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